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This is my little corner of the Internet, where I talk about all things blockchain and the modernizing of Charity with the new app I have developed called Charity Token.

Chris Manski

Hi Everyone, can I just say ‘Thank You!’. Just being here and reading this means the world to me.

I intend on taking the biggest challenge on that I have EVER taken on, changing the culture around Charitable giving. 

No longer can families support themselves from a single income, the wealth gap is growing larger each year. Something has to change, and I believe the way we distribute charitable money is a good start!

Follow along as I design and launch a blockchain platform that is capable of rewarding those who give, and even those with only a few dollars. 

A TRUE Social Network….Charity Token

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Charity Token is a Company that work for Charities. We do this

by providing a safe and effective platform to raise funds efficiently.

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