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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

Donate using Metamask!

See your Charity Token rewards, Donate and more

Charity Token is making Web3 Charity history by building the first Charity donation app integration with web3! Simply by downloading the Charity Token wallet from Google play, Users can link their Metamask with the Charity Token wallet to see their reward amount, donate and more!

The Charity Token wallet is the worlds first blockchain donation app. We have designed the interface to resemble web2 and traditional legacy based user experience while adding the newest technology to move value. Users sign up using a traditional email/password combination and for the "die-hard" web3 enthusiast wanting extra security, feel free to connect your Metamask, the app will only access your Matic, CHAT and USDT balance located on your Polygon RPC. 

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The Charity Token Model

The foundation of our model is "microtransactions", small donations made and fees taken from the transactions of our token, CHAT. Each time a person trades, they pay a fee of 7%, and while it may seem large right now, you stand to gain more than you lose, just by holding CHAT you earn over time. When another person makes a transaction, you automatically collect a share of 3% of this fee. Of course to maintain fairness, the total paid out is according to the amount of the tokens you own. An additional 2% is swapped into Matic by our smart contract and distributed equally amongst our listed Charities. Other fees tally 1% each for the liquidity pool and the Charity Token platform to promote healthy sustainable growth.

We believe that you cant TAKE all of the time NOR can you GIVE all of the time, and so this is coded into our smart contracts...Proof of Fairness? Its also the only true "transact to donate" platform so PayPal can suck it!

Ofcourse, we offer a "fee free" way to donate simply by donating Matic. Only CHAT holders earn and fees are only applied to CHAT  transactions. Keep in mind, when you send donations using CHAT, you help us grow our services and Community from the small fee. I mean, there are no overheads so we felt it optional to charge for our service even though it does help us ALOT because the platform cost us wayyyy too much!

The model will start to thrive once we finalize our NFT Fundraising marketplace. This is designed to build a digital economy around our Charities, by allowing Artists to sell their intellectual property and splitting the profits with our listed Organisation's! Once we have shown people the basic principles of Web3 fundraising, we will be launching the very first Charity NFT marketplaces developed specifically for each non profit listed with us, if they so choose.



Even though the markets are unstable and weak, we see a strong future in the Charity Sector as technology is adopted further. Long term plans will see us enter the "digital Only" defi banking sector, where we intend to introduce poor nations to cashless transactions! So join our Communities and help us drive this new wave of transparent giving!

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