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About - Charity Token CEO - Chris Manski

Chris Manski - Charity Token CEO

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Fundraising using Web3

Our Mission


Our mission is simple, design creative new ways to fundraise then get the money to where it's needed most.

The Charity Token network has been designed and built to increase participation in several revolutionary new ways. Never before has the Charity sector been able to participate in a capital market environment. A market that creates opportunity to profit together.

Give Donation

Purchase tokens and start earning a share of the network fees. Build up your token supply before donating or profit, your choice.

Become a Charity Token Ambassador

Join our cause as an ambassador and earn tokens. You only need to help spread awareness of our causes.

Fund Raising

Our upcoming NFT and Web3 fundraising platform will start our journey into mass fundraising. Stay tuned for more on this soon.


DeFi can inject money directly into a Community

Decentralized finance uses telecommunication data networks. Over a third of the World don't have running water but they do have access to a mobile phone. Blockchain and cryptocurrency makes money move like data giving endless possibilities to solve financial crises.

Help us, Help the World!

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