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Charity Token - Blockchain doesn't solve everything!

Blockchain solves half

"I have a dream".... It's not an easy one to achieve, but the dream COULD easily become a reality, IF a talented group of people collaborated. COULD IT BE YOU?

Africa is home to over 1.2 BILLION people. This comes from explosive growth rates over the past 20 years, with little access to sexual health education and family planning, it has become home to a population that estimate 40% is under the age of 15! The ENTIRE population is expected to double by 2050.


Blockchain is often sold as the "savior" to financial Inclusion among other things but in reality, it only solves 50% of the problem.

You see Africa doesn't have the physical infrastructure to introduce everyone into the new financial system. They lack;
👉 telecommunications networks
👉 electricity and internet infrastructure
👉 education of maintaining these systems
👉 financial literacy
👉 funding for the above

Introducing Africa to modern technology is essentially moving entire cultures through technological generations. The residents of underdeveloped Countries will go from "no electricity" to peer to peer encrypted transactions. All in one generation, which is simply amazing 👏.

But how do we do it?

Everything requires knowledge! My belief is that education MUST happen concurrently, while infrastructure is rolled out systematically. I haven't put a great deal of thought into this, but off the top of my head, let's dive into a logical solution or two....


Kinda important,no? I'm not talking about basic maths and English, these are common teachings. I'm talking about specialist knowledge.
👉 Finance and investing
👉 Business and budget
👉 Electrical and Engineering
👉 Other specialist trade training

Infrastructure roll-outs.

Concurrently, we should be rolling out sustainable infrastructure;
👉 Solar stations. Australia alone, has MILLIONS of used solar panels laying around, still with over a decade of good use left. Why can't we send these over to Africa for make shift uses? A Community only needs 4 panels to have access to enough power for basic necessities. You only need a panel, inverter and battery to have free electricity from the sun.
👉 Internet. Space x have a portable satellite dish that works ANYWHERE, it just needs electricity. Need I say more...?
👉 Water. Access to clean water is scarce in Africa. Drinking from dirty watering holes can be avoid with a simple "water bore". Each costing around $10,000usd and giving access to around 1000 people. I've seen water invoices for a single delivery more than this...I still don't understand why Charities choose to give water as opposed to dig for it.
👉 Food. ONCE you have the above, this last one becomes easier. With electricity, knowledge and water, farmers can become more successful from simply being more connected to the world. Money is needed to purchase farm equipment and knowledge is needed to train them. It's that simple.

For the life of me...I still can't figure out "why" a similar plan hasn't been attempted yet! I mean in 30 mins, I alone initiated a plan for Africa. Give me a month and I could plan the fine details for the roll-out. GIVE ME A BILLION and in 12 months, you'd see a show like NEVER before. So why can't thousands of philanthropists get together and do this?    Its NOT hard, we just need to start.

This is the mindset I have towards life. Imagine if those with the same passion as mine got together, with the resources needed to get the job done. WOW, what a world 🌎 👏

My dream is to see basic needs met by EVERYONE. A meal, a roof and a little money IS freedom for over 3 BILLION people. I will be working towards this myself. But with your speeds up greatly!

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

Chris Manski

Chris is the CEO of Charity Token. He is passionate for REAL change, through empowering individuals to a better life.

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