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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

Can Charity hurt more than it helps

Certain types of Charity can do more bad than good!

We all receive a “warm glow” when we do something charitable for someone, whether you help a friend or a complete stranger the feelings are the same. No matter the reasons, could you be doing more harm than good in the long term?

It may be hard to believe donating regulary could be a bad thing so lets discuss a few examples.

Haiti : January 12th 2010

The Earthquake that killed 1000 Haitians and destroyed towns. A true catastrophe. The World rushed in with aid such as food, clothing and other humanitarian effort. This is a necessary part of Charity and Humanitarianism as a whole however the further destabilization of the Haitian Economy happens post disaster.

We will focus on one portion of the Charity assistance specifically, shoes. Many shoe manufacturers have given millions of shoes directly to the population of Haiti. This may seem like a great idea however years of donating such goods has taken its toll on the local Economy. To the point where Haitians no longer have manufacturing for clothing or shoes specifically. They are fully dependent on importing these goods today.

By donating such large amounts of physical goods rather than funding and education to rebuild the economy more sustainably, the World choses to write of taxes for their own interests justifying the need to donate such goods. Large companies exploit Charity for benefits to themselves all while the effects of the decisions to do so are never considered.

Rice was one thing the Haitians can grow on mass successfully. Until the US intervened during the Clinton administration. In 1970, Haiti was self dependent on this crucial product, by the time of the earthquake in 2010, Haiti was importing 80% of its rice stores. This is all due to the policies implemented by the US on Haiti when President Clinton believed it was a great idea to donate all extra resources from American Farmers. This destroyed the rice Industry for Haiti.

Humans will always take the easy route…always. We require a consistent friction through life. If we get things too easily, we take everything for granted and become entitled. Too much and whole Countries are left behind in previous technological eras to suffer there experiences on this plane.

We need to empower the Individual to be responsible for their own Charity. Receive individual contributions of funds and educate everyone on rising out of poverty. Charity Token is the only platform that all users receive 10% of each donation on the network. This could be a lot or just a little but its what is required to help anyone rise from their own designated economic class.

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