Challenging the Narrative

So far in my journey to reinvent what Charity means, I have already come across a hurdle….the narrative. The story that has been told time and time again about how “Charity has no ugly side”

Digital money is coming

You can see the moral dilemma that grazes upon peoples minds when you confront them with facts like “the Vatican only redistributes less than 10% of its 55 million in annual donations”…indeed its true but not an easy pill to swallow.

This acceptance would involve a drastic change in opinion regarding the Catholic Church and how it handles donations. For some this proves easy and for others its just impossible to imagine.

But just because we “say it isn’t so” that does not make it so. The IRS in the US does not require Religious Not-for-Profits to declare earnings or even report spending’s. Its not hard to see how corruption could spread from this single absence of information.

Blockchain offers a transparent option allowing the public view of all transactions on the network. Should it not make sense to place public Companies on such technology in order to verify and hold accountable for the above reason. Not only does the technology provide a clear audit trail but the velocity that money moves is incredible. Seconds as opposed to hours and days. Cents not dollars and tens of and DeFi gives access to anyone with a mobile phone.

DeFi will replace Banks

“DeFi is the future of Banking”

– Christopher Giancarlo

Approximately 1.7 billion people do NOT have access to banking services. While you may say “well at least they can’t get into debt”, you should also ask “how can they grow an economy without a flow of money?”… Short answer is simple, they can’t!

Charity Token can help by empowering individuals through the many benefits our dApp has

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