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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

Non-profits need to make profit!

Capitalism can benefit Charity, let me show you how!

Abe pays….

Food for Thought

Capitalism, the word has stigma. Some view it as the way to financial freedom and others get chills when they hear it. Regardless of our personal views on the topic, capitalism can be beneficial to charities and more specifically fundraising.

Before I dive into the capitalistic cure for charity, I would like to discuss our mindset around charitable giving. Let me give you some questions to ponder….

Do you believe “non-profits” should profit?

Should Charities hold funds in reserve?

Is running a Charity like running a Company?

Should “non-profits” pay above award wages for top tier talented employees?


If you answered NO to any of these questions, I would like to invite you to consider the following.

If a Charity cannot profit, it is limited by the next available grant. If a Charity cannot hold funds in reserve, it has to raise funds in order to pay for the next program. If you cannot run a Charity like a Company, than how can it become efficient and if a Charity cannot afford to hire talented individuals, how can it be the most effective?

The short answer is, it can’t. For many years we have had our heart strings pulled and our wallets emptied for what seems to be little change in inequities such as poverty, homelessness and starvation.

To no fault of the amazing people that volunteer and give their time to a charitable cause, this is simply a major fault in the foundation of how we perform Charity. I would now like to invite you to read further as I provide a possible solution to this problem.

Incentivized Giving

After many years of watching large Charities trying to force “giving” down peoples throats with images of starving children and homeless persons in advertising, I decided to challenge this sector and its beliefs myself by innovating the culture around giving.

Cryptocurrency could help!

If you have read any of my previous posts, you would know I really love blockchain. In fact, I first started out as an early investor of this revolutionary technology and got tired of waiting for someone to build an easy to use crypto application. So I did it myself.

Many people, mostly between ages 18-45 are involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency at some level. However Most people I know will never touch it, as long as it remains difficult to understand and use. The most difficult aspect of the transition is usability and the level of knowledge your require to access the different networks. That’s why, I have developed a blockchain application that looks and feels just like a traditional mobile app but with cryptocurrency and Charity at the heart of design.

“Charity Token” as it is called. Is a easy to use, DeFi Investment application that you can deposit funds in exchange for Tokens. They are sent to your digital wallet on the app. The Tokens can then be staked to earn more tokens, sent to a friend or donated to one of our verified Charities located on our library tab within the app.

The network is fully autonomous meaning my Company Charity Token Pty Ltd has ZERO access to any funds but our own. We have 6 smart contracts that have been developed to perform various actions on the platform including transacting with other wallets. The platform offers rewards for participation by way of charity tokens which can then be sold into the users locally denominated currency at an exchange. Its about as hard to use as a banking app but offers incentives and a whole new level of flexibility to your donations.

I could write all day about the features and benefits of Charity Token but instead let me share the link to our “explainer video”.

More information can be found on our website and on our social media pages. We are in final stages of development with public launch of our suite of products around June 2022. Please follow along, I think you’ll find what we are doing very interesting!

Thank you for reading!


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