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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

How do we solve inequality?

Inequality, it is a subject many people toss aside. We are sheltered from the large inequalities because of our sustainable supply chains and consumerism. Capitalism has separated “us from them” and it’s time we raised those who are less fortunate, up to our standards of living through efficient Charity.

But this has been proved difficult. Access to basic essentials such as clean water, food and flushing toilets are all but basic in over a third of the globe. When I hear of statistics like “one million children die every year from starvation”, I know we can do better! When it only costs $2 a day to feed an adult in a low-income country, why do people still go hungry enough to die.

The cost of a life

Six billion dollars is the amount of money it apparently would take to “solve” world hunger. Unfortunately, if this were true, we wouldn’t be talking about the poverty problems today. Throwing money at someone is not the way to a sustainable progressive evolution of the psyche. We need to have it hard at times, but we also need to have access to the way out and way forward.

I believe with economic education; we can teach these communities to join the rest of the world by utilizing technology. There is a plethora of affordable and available products capable of lifting whole countries out of poverty and into equal opportunity and standards of living. We just need to educate.

We must educate

photo of person typing on computer keyboard

Unfortunately, simple does this sound the challenges around funding such a widespread campaign also takes money. The Charity “industry” has become centralized in nature with large multinational non-profits acting as gatekeepers of donations and grant money. Always making sure their very existence is “needed”. This position that has be established acts like a funnel, taking in majority portion of the annual donation’s government cash. Now getting so big, they themselves are issuing grants to smaller charities and this unfortunately is one of the few ways a small charity receives funding.

Small Charities Matter Most

The importance of small Charities far outweighs anything a large multinational brand does without doubt. These big organizations are simply a fundraiser now becoming the governing influence in how we conduct our Charity. I believe, it’s time to decentralize Charity and allow non-profits to profit through access to the capital markets.

Until recently, merging capitalism and charity was almost impossible without corruption. But thanks to blockchain technology, we have access to an unhackable public ledger for transacting upon. By doing so, we show the donors exactly where public funds go. Never in history could an organization be so transparent.

Give them the tools

Here at Charity Token, we have developed an application capable of housing any registered Charity in the world and giving them access to a capital pool of funds to which they can draw upon. This may sound complicated however we have made it easy with the use of tokens. Individuals are issued digital wallets and the verified non-profits are issued digital wallets with a profile including a “donate now” link. This enables the non-profit to receive our cryptocurrency called Charity Token.

Tokens represent money

Charity Tokens are worth what the free market dictates, meaning we have no say in the price. The tokens fluctuate in value giving investors a chance to profit on their deposited funds. For the first time ever, Non-profits have access to this capital. This makes everyone a “Social Investor”. Because by buying and holding the token, you give the value of your deposit to the value of the Token. You buy and token price goes up, you sell, and token price goes down. Simple.

This technology coupled with the means to distribute money without a bank is revolutionary. I mean when could you move and value outside of gold without a bank? The tokens are available in the receiver’s wallet instantly bypassing the 3 banks needed to send funds to India, straight to the digital wallet within our app on a mobile phone.


This application will be the first of its kind, but certainly will not be the last in what is the fourth industrial revolution. These technology platforms are the integral foundations of web3, but the future is yet to deliver the pos payment system integrations with digital currencies. This is when blockchain will become mainstream.

Follow along as I continue to share the future of Charity and Commerce with cryptocurrency.

Thank you for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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