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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

Charity Token $ChaT is LIVE

The next stage in our launch is the contract deployment to the dex, in this case we chose Quickswap. Charity Token went live Saturday night and is now available for purchase using a third party wallet.

We had a very slow start the liquidity phase and are expecting a gradual increase in momentum during the bootstrapping phase also.

The overall market condition has been grim to say the least, until this past day when the market had a sudden turn around. Investors are very cautious about entering their positions again as many projects have been exposed with little available liquidity.

During the next few months, we will slowly begin introducing Charities to Web3. The key here is to provide a safe and stable environment for them to receive donations and fundraise on. So, for this reason we have decided to focus on stability of the liquidity pool prior to any large introduction of Charities.

The first liquidity unlock is due in 3 months. This will be used as liquidity added to the LP to decrease volatility in token price. Any remaining tokens which cannot be added into liquidity, will be locked back up.

$CHAT is now live on BanCex and VinDax exchanges as well as our LP on Quickswap. In app token purchases can be made also but be aware that our mobile app CANNOT process withdrawals for retail just yet, it is strictly for donating and or increasing your donation impact. We still recommend metamask of you are speculating on token price rather than using that actual token for donating.

I would like to say, we are in strange financial times. One where trust is low, expectations are high and people simply don’t know where to invest their money. I feel this is a time when you need to place your spare money in hard working Companies, stable assets like gold, silver and just sit on your hands. When the dust settles, those who just kept innovating will be thrusted into the winners circle!

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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