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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

Charity Token *dev update

Wow! What a last couple of months here at Charity Token! Development of the App UI/UX is 90% complete, smart contract design and testing is by far the most labour intensive component of any blockchain App.

As of today, we are in testing for two DIFFERENT transaction models. One consists of a manual staking module and the other an auto staking. These may seem like small differences but I can assure you, the entire token economy requires changing to suit also!

Sustainability is our highest priority. However the platform rewards, it must work for the long term health of the network.

Manual staking mechanisms pay rewards aka inflate at a much higher rate due to the token that is rewarded, not having any intrinsic value but more removes value equally from ALL circulating tokens by expanding supply. Thus inflation.

Auto staking mechanisms are reflection based economics. Although the transactions have a ‘tax’, the value of the reward everyone sees is that of REAL money being transacted on the network. So while rewards are lower, they are REAL making the whole economic model much more sustainable.

Although we have greater control of the inflation/deflation via the manual staking model, the auto staking model allows us to evenly inflate the circulating supply slowly over two decades. This gives the economy room for solid growth without any input, even from us!

In my opinion, token buy backs, manual burns etc are manipulation. Yes, we require some level of control but with a little extra thought, we could rid ourselves from the possible corruption of price from such actions. This is why growth models must be slow and the Company must create demand. Smart contract will control the release of tokens to ensure the whole system is as free from manipulation as possible!

Short on time everyone 👪

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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