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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

Charity Token is a currency!

The currency of Charity

Charity Token is NOT a #Charity!

Charity Token is a lot of things but NOT a Charity, let me explain.

We are simply a facilitator of wealth distribution and donations. The app has a fluctuating priced currency called Charity Token. Speculative Investors can choose to purchase the tokens on the secondary market to bet on the price.

1. Our platform is a #fundraising platform for Charities and Charitable Non Profits. The platform can house any and all charities but are approved manually by Charity Token Pty Ltd.
2. Each Charity has a profile and digital wallet to receive p2p donations.
3. Charity Token is an Australian Company with a blockchain application built to involve many more people in the sector from Investors, to the younger generation. We incentivize giving!
4. Charity Token aims to become the digital currency for the Charity Sector!
5. The more people involve others the more charities benefit as the incentivization comes from transacting on the network. Users are taxed 10% on transactions but this is rewarded back to EVERYONE on the network fairly. So depending on how often you use the network , you can potentially profit or loss based on your donating or transaction usage.
6. Charity Token is the Worlds first blockchain app built for mainstream use. We have made our app simple and easy to understand. It can be downloaded from the google and apple play stores late June for our public launch July 1st!
7. Individuals can even purchase Charity Tokens right on the #App via our third party payment provider Indapay.

8. Our NFT marketplace that releases late this year will change how fundraising is done. We aim to tokenize the Charity Sectors IP in order to unlock billions in illiquid assets.
This will also increase the transactional volume across our network giving each charity EVEN MORE from the 2% share of transactions.

9. We built this app with low economic countries in mind. For example a person in the #Philippines could place $50 on the app and could potentially earn several dollars per month in #passive returns via the 4.5% redistribution per transaction. While this is meaningless in countries like Australia, this is quite a substantial increase in living standards for people in countries like the Philippines, India, Africa and others!

Think of this app like a bank for charity, we have our own currency that must be purchased. But this currency is scarce and always becoming less by deflation thus an ever growing price pressure upwards bringing new wealth into the sector!

Flexible and #transparent giving just took a giant leap into the future.

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