Crisis to Crisis

You wake up, a new day and another “crisis”… We are now living in a crisis to crisis world and I can assure you, it’s by design.

Sure, the wars and bloodshed, deaths and famine are REAL. But the conditions for these events are NOT!

Governments and big tech have worked hand in hand for decades, collecting data on YOU and I. Many pushed the claims aside, stating they don’t care. A lack of understanding makes you uninformed, and the media keeps you misinformed.

The truth hurts, but it will set YOU free….

Being aware and being objective to information is a skill many believe they have but in reality, don’t. Many experiments and studies have been conducted to no limit, to gather the information about human behaviours. So much now that in fact they can simply manipulate YOU through your addiction to FEAR.

Like a switch

Fear is the greatest motivator and controller. Simply look back in time specifically at the propaganda campaigns ALL over the world from wars, sanctions, controversy, elections and more…the world runs on fear.

What better way than to fabricate the crisis through a manipulation of subliminal television programming. These days, a vast majority of this is done through social media influencers, Hollywood and the media.

Knowledge is power. Many beleive they hold knowledge when in fact they only hold opinion, and someone else’s too.

If you tell a lie, and tell it long enough. Everyone will eventually beleive it….

All of these quotes are there for you to see and use. But we often fail to see the REAL meanings. The truth is out there, but only you can drink the coolade!

Thank you for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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