Crypto Investing and Charity – A match made in heaven?

“Charity Token Ape Charlie”

Two trillion dollars…..this is approximately how much money is “inside” the cryptocurrency markets. This number is by far more than enough in dollars to solve poverty, inequality and put world hunger to rest for good. So why haven’t we tried to used any of it for Charity?

You could think of many reasons but I believe the major contributors are dependency and greed. Large multinational Charities bully the Industry and soak up precious resources that small “on the ground” Charities struggle to receive any funding at all. Most non profits don’t even make a great deal of impact because of this.

#Bitcoin paving the way for digital currencies

Charities are dependent on grants, donations and provide services to supply cash flow to their community programs however, this is labour intensive and inconsistent.

“Be happy when you work, thankful when you earn, cautious when you spend, shrewd when you save, and charitable when you give.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo
If you own a mobile phone, you can now access money without a bank account! DeFi

Until recently, these methods were the only ways to raise money. But, recent innovations with blockchain technology has introduced the erc-1155. This is the NFT standard that enables us to tokenize your digital and intellectual property so that you can monetize it!

On top of NFTs, cryptocurrency more specifically “DeFi” (decentralized finance), have been rewarding Investors in a much more lucrative way. While the technology may seem high risk, it’s only the latter if you invest in projects such as “meme coins” or the many facets of DeFi Applications aimed at high APY rewards that just serve no purpose in the real world.

Among these expendable tokens lay many future proofed projects such as Energy Web Token and Avalanche. Both serving two separate purposes but equally required as we move into the world of smart contracts and AI.

Charity Token will also become one of these “future proofed” start ups. In an industry such as Charity and the controversy of where charitable contributions go, we bring transparency via the blockchains public transaction records. Some financial records should be kept private and some, should be 100 percent public. Especially those companies that handle generous public funds such as Charities.

The beautiful thing about open source software is that once it’s public, people can openly build upon it. The progress and evolution in culture becomes exponential in growth, and that’s when change really happens.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

– Arthur C. Clarke

The fact that once a smart contract is programmed and implemented, it becomes autonomous in nature. No person is handling ANY of the transactions making it a “trustless” technology. These contracts can be basic such as exchanging money or complex systems that will eventually replace accountants….yes replace. If you can convert your intentions from English to Java (computer language), you can make anything automatic. The limits are far beyond what you and I could imagine!

So going back over some points to remember. Blockchain can bring transparency, efficiency and equality to the World. We want to be pioneers in Social Impact Investing. You decide where your money goes!

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