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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

Ethical Computer Code

Computers manage our cars, homes and health. But have you ever considered how ethical the computer code is programmed?

Every line of code is audited and checked for security but it’s never checked for its moral and ethics. You may ask “how could computer code be unethical?”. You wouldn’t be the only person thinking this so let me explain.

When a program is designed prior to development, it first must have a purpose. The purpose is interpreted and written in computer code according to your intent.

If your intent for the program is to reward the players more, it will. If your intent is for players to lose more, it will. This is all made through the designers intent.

We are moving into a new technologically advanced future revolving around blockchain. Blockchain is code intensive and relies heavily on computer code for front and back end interoperability.

From my time in cryptocurrency I have noticed one major flaw….the intent. Every single blockchain application made to date has one key intent, self enrichment. While I do recognise the need to profit, the intentions are at “any cost” and in the end it’s mostly at the cost of retail individuals.

This huge flaw is why the rich will continue becoming richer and the poor continue the hard walk on the line.

When I designed Charity Token I had intent. Though my intent was to make the poor richer while a challenge to the rich. To merge the capital rich investor with those who need money the most.

Rules are implemented to protect low income investors and more rules were designed to enrich them in a fractional banking style investment application. No one at all can deposit more than $5000usd in our reward pools. This ensures our 10% Charity trabsaction split gives to those in need. Because I believe everyone needs a little Charity!

With more computer code being deployed around us everyday. We need to ask for what purpose does this serve? And who does this benefit? Or we face being exploited and manipulated by the same very systems we are told helps us….

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