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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

I see a more inclusive Charity…

Inclusive – To include, a word tossed around like crazy in today’s news. But what does it all mean? Let me show you my version of “inclusivness”.

It starts with an economy, one that can incentivize and reward those who involve themselves fairly and equally..if they CHOOSE to include themselves. Inclusive to me, means anyone can participate if they want to.

Charity, for so long has NOT been inclusive. At first that fact shocks alot of people. I mean how could Charity of all things NOT include people….well let me explain.

Charities have slowly become “out of touch” with their communities. What used to be somewhat inclusive is now for those select few that are “entitled” to give. 1. Giving to to Charity is now very expensive 2. Those who do give money, don’t know where is goes and are not permitted to know 3. They hire professional sales people to fundraise e.g shopping malls 4. Subscription plans …. really?

I’m sure they want to work with the community directly but there really isn’t a platform to do so…until now. But why has it become just about the money?

The reason is almost clear. Majority of Charities and non-profits get less than 7% of their annual income from individual giving with over 70% on average coming in from grants. Grants often come with conditions, always favourable to the granteur. This in turn places priority on large grant makers than the private individuals.

50 years ago, individual giving was the highest form of charitable giving, but over time has dropped to 5th and the dead last form with Grants taking out number 1 spot for the last 20 years. This could change for alot of non-profits, if they choose to build their very own Community.

Regardless of what you may think of blockchain and cryptocurrency, they build Communities faster than anything I’ve ever seen!! When I saw the psychology unfold before me surrounding the incentives that Web3 can offer at such a low cost….I couldn’t help but think “this could help charity”.

👉 low cost 👉 high profit 👉 inclusive – everyone love crypto e.g old, young, different cultures, sexes and wealth classes plus more 👉 money moves on mobile phone networks

When I put these things together, I knew I had to build a platform to harness this inclusivity! And so Charity Token was created.

Many can argue with me and do about the ideology of Charity. Sure, it shouldn’t be about incentivising and rewarding and including EVERYONE BUT, please let me remind you what kind of economic times we live in. Money NEEDS to be distributed a little better and I DO believe we need to include more people and there is only ONE way to do that….incentivize them.

People want to feel recognised for their efforts, they want to be apart of something. If somebody sells their Charity Tokens and “takes” the profit, in my book they needed it! If they didn’t, the person would have donated some or all of the tokens they made from fees.

Which brings me to my last point for today. In the “real” economy, there are people paying more taxes than others and some only taking from the system in payment forms like welfare. The Charity Token platform could be seen similarly, with those who NEED to take doing so and those who don’t need to, don’t.

We can really inject money into ANY Country/State in the world now. Places without banks but with people without adequate resources to money. I love blockchain and crypto for this reason!

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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