Inflation and rising prices, why?

Money, it’s something many know very little about. Those who educate themselves in finance often succeed financially. Inflation is a central bank tax aimed at stealing your wealth without being blamed! Let’s take a quick look at the current economic crisis.

fed building facade against stairs in city
Fed Reserve

Regardless of common views, a $100 bill does not maintain value at $100. It would, if the government’s of the world had left the value pegged to gold. However when this was officially removed by Pres. Nixon in 1972, the banks and government’s could begin to inflate the M2 money supply infinitely increasing debt and the price of everything with it!.

Some light history on Currency

The issuance of a currency has been around for thousands of years. Bronze being one of the first metals to be made into coinage. Silver and gold followed but as adoption of the new barter system using money was increasing, so was the supply.

eagle printed on bill of america

Physical coins were smelted down again and again each time adding more low quality minerals to increase volume. Less and less pure silver and gold in each coin. This was how inflation occurred in history until the introduction of the central banking system in 1913.

Print baby, Print!

Money printing became common replacing metals with paper currency. Eventually in the 1930s when the gold standard was removed ending a bretton woods financial system involving a fixed standard and unit of account.

Central bank power has continued to increase exponentially throughout the last century to a point that they now own majority of homes in the world. Unless you own your home outright, you don’t own your home.

“Mortgage” means ‘death – pledge'”

Over the last 100 years, the money supply has been inflated by many many times and then used as collateral for a debt increase vs money supply by 90-95%. Derivatives and factualized reserve banking are their name and you can dive into that rabbit hole yourself….it’s a huge topic alone. Long story short, the banks only have around 2-5% of the actual physical money. So not only have they expanded the money supply, but spent your money many times over on many different books.


This past 2 years alone have seen a near 50% in money supply inflation. This is where the value of your $100 bill would have lost spending power by around 20-30% . Many factors denote this but for this argument let’s keep it simple.

What your seeing today, is PRICE RISE. This is the affects of inflation. More money equals less demand. Now, the Russian invasion has made this much worse. The US retaliated on Russia by vowing not to purchase energy from Putin. By energy I mean crude oil. Some 6500 products we use everyday is made from crude oil. Regardless of how you feel about green energy. Today, oil still runs the world and to change this will be painfully expensive in many ways as your starting to see.


Because the US government has sanctioned literally everyone for their benefit of using the dollar as a weapon. No one is helping them with the demand for oil, which the main reason for the surges in oil price.

Its not demand, it’s the derivatives contracts that trade against the physical oil. Traders are long oil and this makes the price go up as if there was a demand when in reality there is not.

flag of different countries un members
Sanctions only make enemies!

Oil is just one of the commodities that are sky-rocketing. Wheat and other edibles are up over 75% this year and have intention of going back down anytime soon.

Groceries and other essentials have already noticeably increase this past year. I wish I wasn’t the bearer of bad news however this price rises have only just started. They will be double by this time next year….I promise.

What do I do?

My advice. Start stocking and hoarding food. Not in a crazy fashion, but each time you shop now. Buy two of that product you like or need. Think about your living requirements and try to prepurchase for the future.

If your struggling today, I’m sorry! Money is a very dependent item today and this is by design of the central bank. You need to become vocal about how you have been exploited for the last 100 years and research history!!

I advise you to plant a garden. Pot potatoes and fruit trees. Buy flour and learn to cook from nothing. This may or may not become survival for you and your family!

Thank you for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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