Investing in Social causes

With a rapidly evolving investment world. The younger generations are wanting to invest in more meaningful things. With little good change going on in the world at the moment, I would like to show you how you can invest in social causes!

Charity Token is a platform with a native currency called Charity Token or ChaT for short. This Token is a universal currency that can be purchased with any fiat currency in the world.

More you hold, more you earn

Once purchased, you begin earning more tokens via our auto staking mechanism that takes 6.5% of transactions on the network and distributes is proportionally to each token holder. This includes Charities that are verified wallet holders on our platform.

So it doesn’t matter if you are transacting on the network yourself, you are being rewarded. Any registered Charity can have a profile on our app to receive donations. They simply need to submit an application via our website along with registration documentation and after we review the Charities certification, we issue the wallet.

These Charities will be laid in front of potentially millions of investors and token owners with the ability to receive donations pre-tax. This benefits both the investor, donators and Charities!


A sellers tax of 3% will be taken from each “sale transactions” and distributed to current token holders and liquidity pool. This ensure profit taking is slowed with benefits going more to interest buyers and holders and these rewards are paid proportional to the amount you hold. Eg. You hold 0.1% of total supply, you are entitled to 0.1% of rewards….

Rules have been set in place within the smart contract to limit rewards to smaller wallets only. Wallets are capped at 0.5% to ensure large investors have little control over the network.

More rules?….they are good one though

Charity Token has the potential to house thousands if not tens of thousands of charities that can fundraise to an entirely new and wealthy audience. While at the same time changing many people’s lives by allowing a % of funds to be distributed to EVERYONE!

I will be writing alot more regarding our platform as we come closer to the public launch July 1st!

Thank you for reading 📖

Chris ❤

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