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Poor or Rich - Does it matter and What does it mean?

POOR or RICH…What does it TRULY mean?


Do you think you have money?   Do you think you are poor?  Most of you reading this wont be either, but right in the middle fighting to stay out of poverty and all while pursuing riches, right?

If you can eat 3 meals a day, sleep with a roof, drink and shower often. You may be considered "rich" by billions of people.

But, what if I was to tell you that NO MATTER how hard 48/50 of you work...."the middle" is exactly where you will stay for the rest of your life!  These 2 people from every 50 will reach financial freedom and attain a higher level of wealth than the rest. Those that don't, will be essentially running on financial treadmill, never actually going anywhere. These are NOT my statistics, but they do show us that MAYBE...we should help others rise WITH us, as opposed to being selfishly fixated on "success" or money, let me explain further....

There are over 2.5 billion people living in extreme poverty, by definition that's less than $1.50 per day and a 3rd of our population.  These people including children, only need an additional $1 per day to live much better! That is 1.5 billion per day (minus children) in dollars using the economy injection models OR 547.5 billion dollars per year to END global extreme poverty.
The alternative is to disseminate funds for sustainable development through the extensive Charity networks within poor regions. Building food and water networks will cost several trillion dollars over 3-5 years BUT we completely end global poverty, hunger, water and improve trust, living conditions and life expectancy in under 5 years.

The point I am making here is that the World, all of us have enough money to give $10 per week each...EVERY single person and Government has a duty to the human population. We seem to have put more focus on ourselves than others and it is SAD! And considering majority of us WON'T even attain the riches we work so hard for.


It's certainly NOT a money problem, in my opinion, it's a participation problem.

Let's move on...


Paya region, Tororo, Uganda region Water Source. Credit- Zachery Onyango
Village de Guede Codji, Benin, March 09, 2015: Grandmother, mother, father and small child at a well. The man is pumping water, while his family is washing their hands and haveing a refreshiment. This well provides clean water for the whole village.


Water is the life blood of EVERYTHING! It's something a lot of us take for granted. The photo above is the local water source for a friend of mine in Tororo, Uganda. Over 500 people drink and water crops from here BUT for $10,000, they can have a new water bore drilled (like the one on the right). Providing ONGOING clean water.
He has been approaching people day in and day out trying to fundraise this water bore, for around 3 years!!! With little opportunity for success.   Should it be so hard to access this amount of money OR water?

With over 40 TRILLION US dollars in the World alone and over 1.3 QUADRILLION dollars worth of derivatives....I think we have the money, right?  

Plants aren't the only things that flourish with water, economies and societies are built on a strong supply of clean water.
1. Water provides the basic needs of farmed crops. Greater access to water and you'll see greater yielding produce. Basically, they can grow more crops and make more money.
2. Not all water is the same. Dirty, stagnant  water carries water borne diseases. The WHO estimates up to 842,000 people DIE from diarrhea. 
3. People spend LESS time collecting water and become more productive in other ways.



If you can "save" just $1 dollar per day. In 1 year, this $365 would be what 1.8 Billion people live on. This is freedom and security and just gives you a little perspective on extreme poverty life.

The Charity Sector generates OVER 420 billion per year. That is the equivalent of 40 million water bores which would give clean water to over 40 BILLION people ....ummm ok. *Checks math....YES 40 BILLION PEOPLE. Good thing we only need it to cover 2 billion huh?

400b/10k per bore x 1000 people serviced= 40b People

The statistics are hard to find or non existent, but it is approximated that around 80% of charitable proceeds NEVER make it to the intended cause. Large "trusted" charities are relucted to give up any data because they KNOW it shows that atleast 

  • OVER 39% of the 420 billion goes directly to religious organisations
  • The remaining is dwindled at by those that mean well but pay rich salaries and labour costs while serving POOR Countries. It is extremely more effective to purchase supplies in the affected Country to boost both the local economy its serving and savings for the Organisation at hand.
charity token logo

Charity Token is aiming to disrupt the flow

The flow of charitable money has kept the extremely poor, POOR! The limited role that some multinational Charities have had is "distribution" of charitable proceeds in WHICH...they have FAILED!

Nothing could be done previously to identify, and bypass the traditional flow of charitable money BUT now we have a method of distributing funds DIRECTLY, with an EXACT allocation of impact. Our platform and business model builds a Community of donors, investors, artists and Charities. Our relationship with each Charity director ensures we can not only distribute funds more efficiently, but with a high rate of accuracy removing EVERY inefficacy. All for under 1% (which is our fee).

We hope to begin seeking large grants to be made using our network from Corporations and Governments alike. Data will be collected and sorted providing real time reporting and updates for the greater Charity sector.

The future for us involves EVERY aspect of the new digital era.

  • data collection
  • Web3 integration
  • digital currencies and,
  • funds distribution

We have the platform, database and determination...we just need a network of charities located in POOR Countries and people to donate. The most amazing thing about donating tokens , is you can donate as low as $0.0001 of a cent so even "poor" people can donate.

What's YOUR excuse?


Thanks for reading, Chris.

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