Rules for thee and NOT for me!

So you ever get the feeling that the reason you never become financially free is by design…if you said yes, than congratulations 🎊 . Rules for thee and not for me is the two tiered system created to control the world’s populus.

Capitalism is exactly this, a specifically designed system to which is made to keep you poor. For many years, they have told us Capitalism is free to partake in. We’ll I say RUBBISH!

Keep them stupid

Sure, anyone can buy a stock or share in a company. But do they teach real economics at school, no. There is a reason very wealthy school discipline their students with topics like rhetoric, double speech and economics. To make sure their kids run your kids lives!

Money is a tool. A tool to make life, jobs and tasks much easier. Accomplishments happen quickly with deep pockets yet it takes years of debt slavery to purchase a loan for a bank that purchased your house. You don’t even own it yet!

Knowledge is power. We have all heard quotes like this but do you truly understand…

Many don’t. I didn’t until I became somewhat financially independent of the system. Although I said so, I really didn’t and as most do, never admit to ourselves when we could be wrong. This is the importantance and a key problem in understanding the financial system.


If you “feel” and emotion about anything at all. You cannot be objective, emotions get you in trouble….well they also make you wrong, alot of the time. Lack of emotion makes a better decider in emotional times.

Powerful people and organisations have pegged society against each other for thousands of years and we continue to ignore the corruption and manipulation. For example, ceasar and the auditorium fight in Roman days. He decided accordingly based on the crowd to let survivors live. You are thinking “yeah, he’s a peoples champion let him live” when in actual fact. Ceasar shouldn’t even be in power in the first place!

Don’t fall for it!

The left/right paradigm is a marvellous invention by those who seek power. See, if you control both sides. It does not matter who plays or who loses. The game is merely designed to keep the plebarians distracted and pitted against each other. Your not looking at ceasar are you?

Final words

To sum up, I want to objectively think about our leaders today…don’t fall for the left right lie. Keep an eye on the actions and reactions of the world’s events. I promise you fear will leave the body and clarity will become of the void!

Thank you for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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