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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

Should we have to be incentivized to give?…

With poverty dropping by half over the last quarter century with help from modern technology, we are in what looks to be the final leg of financial inequality around the globe.

Although technology and its adoption can come so easy to ourselves and our children, this is not as easy for those that have been leap frogged into the 21st such as parts of Africa…

“Since the year 2000, the number of internet users on the continent has grown by fifty times in Africa”

Nearly 2 billion people do not have access to clean water yet most of them have a mobile phone within arms reach. This is a new generation, one hungry for a new lifestyle and the tools to get it.

With recent advances is blockchain and more specifically cryptocurrency, we see a huge adoption of DeFi in these countries. Intelligent and driven people figuring out technology for themselves…imagine what they could achieve with knowledge of these tools?…

Incentivising Charity at first may seem a little unmoral and maybe even somewhat disrespectful however I invite you to hear me out….

Consider the cost to reward the donator similar to an administration cost. If it costs 10% of your campaign funds to make 5 times more, would you still consider this strategy?…

While yes, many have and will choose to give freely with no intent fir return. But many also choose not to give for the reason they can’t afford to and this is perfect for a reward system.

Take our model at Charity Token. We have an autonomous application that rewards people for participating. By participating I mean staking their funds in Charity Tokens. They are rewards handsomely between 7-42%. We use a similar structure to the banking system today except we can control inflation much better by redirecting tokens back into the community rewards pool.

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.”

– Steve Jobs

The app is the first social impact investment app ever! By you owning Charity Token you give one of our verified Charities access to the capital within the marketcap. Investors speculate on the price of the Token which also fluctuates the price of the Token. They can then be spent on our NFT marketplace with a % going to Charity! Then every person who stakes on our network receives 10% of every donation paid proportional to their wallet value. This gives everyone a little charity and allows them to be able to give back when they can.

There are many rules involved for another time, but I wanted to highlight how digital technology can cheaply and efficiently incentivize participation from those who do not normally donate.

So you see, if we incentize people who wouldn’t usually participate, we gain access to much much more capital to be put to good use. My hope is to give low income people the opportunity to grow some wealth and to build a small amount of capital to lift them and their family from their poverty.

For a poor person in the US is someone who makes 10k per year and in the phillipines it’s several hundred for poverty is not equal and should not ve veiwed so.

Thank you for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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