The annual crypto crash!

HOLY SHIT! This week was insane! I mean, #UST depegging and the stupid called to save it via Terra. Sad times indeed. But what has this show us, taught us?

Let’s start with a macro approach. Small holders were slaughtered, why? Because the exchanges and other large holders can sell first! Retail is simply left to hold the tokens and watch with fear as they lose large sums of money.

With no regulations on exchanges except KYC, these Companies have full access to order books and often bet against the market in order to profit greatly. In the traditional finance sector, this would straight up be illegal. However in crypto, due to a slow regulatory process has not been made illegal.

My second silver lining came as I watched an entire social platform melt down. Crypto Twitter or CT, is and always will be the best place to find retail investor sentiment. Twitter is by far the greatest data collection tool ever created! A digital town square.

I realised why betting of token price on the secondary market is doomed to fail. How will they regulate it? You would need to regulate the decentralized exchanges in order to approves projects but how ? People would always launch what they want whenever they want on a public blockchain.

This makes me question the future use case of the tokens. Either you will have to have a front of house customer use case or face certain death by regulation. They could easily rule “no trading” of the tokens. Which would mean the token would simply be the governance or mover of value as is intended for such products. Far too many speculate on the price without questioning what it actually does.

My mindset has shifted from crypto to blockchain. I guess I need to explain, crypto has no legitimacy anymore, if it ever did. I love defi but blockchain has a better reputation.

Our app brings use case to charity by increasing participation and giving. We do this by reallocating a small % of the transaction and distributing it across our platform to Charities and token holders. This creates a passive income for each charity.

We are making Charity more inclusive by changing the way we give to include many more people. We believe incentivization is the best way to both fundraise more and give alot of people, a little extra in life.

It will also be the currency you use, to purchase Charity NFTs in the near future. But that’s for another time!

Thank you to everyone who reads these, I really appreciate your time ❤


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