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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

The Charity Token mobile app

Charity Token Mobile app, what it is?

The main use case of the mobile app is cross border donating. Purchasing our token, then donating them to micro charities from all over the world. This happens because tokens move money like data and if you have a mobile phone, you now have a bank account.

Individuals also have an opportunity to grow their token amount, just by holding Charity Tokens they earn a share of fees made by the network. We really wanted to include everyone and reward them all in different ways for their participation. No one should work for free and so each time a transaction happens on the network, token holder and Charities earn a share.

The app can only send Charity Tokens for now, but in the following months users will also be able to donate stablecoins. As we have a non crypto user base, we must consider the traditionalist approach to donating also.

To quickly touch on the process of using the app 1. User downloads the app 2. Signs up for an account using name, email and password. Very web2. 3. They then need to purchase Matic from our payment provider in app. 4. Swap most of the matic for ChaT using swaps function in app 5. Then they can choose a Charity in our library and donate some or all of their tokens

Because we have a full stack app with a blockchain backend, integrating options are endless. Eventually I’d love to be able to donate gold 1:1 gram erc20 tokens 😆 We offer a safe environment for beginners to cryptocurrency while benefiting the Charity sector as 2% from each transaction is distributed to the Charities as a form of passive income. Transact to donate anyone? Accept in our version, EVERYONE WINS!

Our near future plans include fundraising marketplaces for which we are already in development, empowering the individual to fundraise directly for a Charity without ever handling the funds while profiting alongside the Charity 24/7 . After all, economic times are tough and people deserve to be rewarded for their time, no? We also believe in a more direct ‘community based’ approach needs to be sought moving forward into a future of distrust between people, state and Country. Paying huge salaries of impersonal shopping mall hecklers are over. Digital currencies and assets like NFTs offer a low cost high return solution to fundraising and its time to transition into the digital money era!

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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