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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

The crypto culture is DEAD!

The rise and fall of the crypto culture was short lived, let me tell you my accounts over the last 3 years, and why I beleive the best is yet to come!

What I am witnessing currently within the social constructs of the crypto culture is by far the weakest shit I’ve seen in my entire life. I don’t usually talk with such disgust but I feel this needs to be said.

Weak ass sauce

I’ll give a quick recount of the last 3 years…

“Crypto is a scam” – “crypto could save the world” – “crypto will save the world” – “blockchain tech is dead”….3 years and done.

Order out of chaos

The markets are in shambles and EVERYONE correlates price with success of the tech. This is the first thing wrong with market perception. Price is irrelevant if a company has use case, as markets go up and down but those relevant will always continue up.

The second is how the market manipulates us psychologically. Many invest what they can’t afford, this instantly ties your emotional state to the markets volition. It will only ever cause stress and anguish as you are overleveraged.

With a new and uneducated wave of fresh investors, the markets have successfully locked majority of the world into higher losses and living costs at the same time. Well played out by the wealthy in my opinion. As we get used to paying more for something, our house, fuel, gas you name it. I beleive it’s intentional and it played in perfect harmony for the billionaires as they exited positions late last year.

Where money go?

But I believe, while “crypto” may be dead…DeFi is yet to boom! Once regulations start to become enforced, many more rugpulls and losses will be had. Those projects who don’t wish to follow the rules will simply sell all positions and exit. Once this occurs, we will rebuild with legitimacy!

This is why I built the Charity Token app in the way I did. Traditional features like downloading it 😆 and good old precautionary warnings to stop you doing something unwanted. Trust is not something given, it is deserved!

The distrust being made by governments worldwide easily show us where we are headed. While everyone thinks blockchain is an investment tool, I see the trustless technology being poised to step up as the intermediary for the world!

Encrypted Voting systems, payment gateways, government UBI airdrops and AI trading of goods can ONLY be achieved with blockchain.

Most of this tech isn’t for us…it’s for the robots, the Ai, the autonomous taxis in the not to distant future. Take a step back and see the bigger picture, you will see things are playing out perfectly for the adgenda. Use this information as you see fit, but don’t sit around waiting for it to come to you…position yourself accordingly!

Get that money! Follow it

Thank you for reading 📖

Chris ❤

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