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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

The future is decentralized!

The future will be decentralized. It won't be run by people, but instead groups of people. What you are seeing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space today is testing. To see what works and what doesn't.

Crisis will bring it forward

While right now it may seem a little crazy, after the next 10 back to back won't. Trust has always been the center of exchange in commerce. If we don't trust each other, we won't trade. So instead we use money, we all trust in the value of the all might dollar.

What if, trust in the dollar is lost? When a monetary system collapses, it brings distrust among people. Food shortages occur and people starve. But what if there was a way out and away from the next "Great Monetary Reset"?

Only one technology

Blockchain is a trustless technology. The trust is in the computer algorithm confirming the details necessary for a successful transaction. We need no approval from man and no input from either party in the transaction. As long as the conditions are met, the deal goes ahead.

Once commodities like grains, oil, gold and other precious resources are tokenized. You will see this technology unfold and become widely implemented. For majority of the cryptocurrency products are for the Ai and algorithms to conduct efficient business and not for you and I to speculate price.

This technology stands to make alot of people wealthy, and it's not you and I! Crisis and last resort is the ONLY way to push this technology adoption. Simply put, we wouldn't be so quick to adopt it otherwise.

The longer you think 🤔

I just wanted to give a quick veiw into my outlook on the future economy. Imagine the integrations from this foundational implementation!

Still finalising details for the IDO, gotta go!

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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