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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

The future of Defi – How will it look in 12 months?

Firstly...THANK YOU!

Before diving into the "future of finance", I just want to say "THANK YOU!".  We really appreciate your support through 2022 and look forward to delivering EVEN MORE content in 2023!

Our foundations are now built, scaling up is now our priority as our business AND Charities rely on it!

We hope you have or have had a fantastic New years (depending on when you read this blog ha!)

DeFi. It's in REAL trouble!

You feel it....don't you?

DeFi under attack, day after day. Talk of regulations and rules. Arrests and "rug-pulls" left right and center. So where will DeFi be in 12 months?

Of course, these are just our own opinions and perspectives but we see a complete inversed culture in DeFi, moving forward.

Regulations will create a "two class" system.

Regulating DeFi is next to impossible unless you regulate two things;

  1. Central and Decentralized Exchanges
  2. Public Blockchains

While yes, they are somewhat decentralized and unable to be regulated HOWEVER...majority of dApps are EVM based. Ethereum just became "proof of stake". No miners, no hash share and VERY easy to govern now.
Other networks like BSC (Binance Smart Chain) are run by only a handful of nodes, sometimes even owned by the same entity. *cough CZ.

Decentralization and the meaning will change. The main reason for it IS NOT to de-establish power and control...its to create many copies of the data so when a "hacker" tries to manipulate the data, they would need to "hack" EVERY database. More databases, More hacks for them!

I guess what I am saying is EVERY blockchain will monitored by authorities through smart contract and EIP updates.

Whatever and Whomever avoids these blockchains to either create their own OR develop on simply WILL NOT gain access to the greater "digital economy" as the platforms who regulate will gain licensing and therefore FDIC and other insurances for the public trust.

This will eventually create a "two tiered financial system". Charity Token will be playing on BOTH sides of regulation. While our products will meet the standards of regulation, the customers lacking KYC in VERY poor parts of the world is our niche.

We want to provide digital only financial services for underdeveloped regions to store money safely while being able to transact faster! Money being injected THROUGH DeFi into the places that need it most will boost the local economy with the money being distributed locally across our network. 

Ultimately, their will be heavily regulated gateways in and out of CeFi and CBDCs. Regulators cant stop a 12yo from launching a token but wont have to....Kids will move pocket money on the public AND monitored blockchains through ease of use. Money will still be traced and offramps and on ramps will be a thing of the past once a CBDC is released...You will just swap to eth or matic etc on a DEX to then send to an exchange to swap for a local CBDC to then send to your bank account. ALL through smart contracts.

Rules are like cattle gates....they guide those within them lol!

Just a short one! Have a great New Years everyone and thanks for reading!

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