The Presale is ON!!

Hi everyone!

We’ve reached a very important milestone in the companies roadmap. THE PRESALE! This is when those who are seeking an early investment for maximum profit potential place their money into our smart contract in exchange for tokens at a cheaper rate.

While we do NOT offer a promise of profits, we DO offer the opportunity to. This is a very important statement because what you are investing in, isn’t our Company. It’s the platform we have built to move money around the world into unknown communities that need financial aid.

This means, that you can only profit from the price fluctuations in the token, NOT from anything we do as a Company. Too many cryptocurrency start ups fail to explain this to their users. You will forever be a speculative investor but this has benefits. 1. It’s a social for of investing, be part of a community 2. You are investing into a cause that actually helps reshape the world to be a more fair place to live. 3. Because you technically own a peice of the currency, you get a say proportional to your % owned. This pays fees automatically into your wallet.

There are many advantages to helping us grow, because I believe that money should flow THROUGH Charity and NOT just into it. This creates a high level of participation and with this comes accountability and money velocity.

Money velocity is very important and something that the Charity Sector does NOT have. We shouldn’t be heckling people in shopping malls and giving them pictures of starving children. This has made the public desensitised and avoidant of the situation. What we need is to politely invite people to use and contribute to the services in the sector.

Charity Token does exactly this. It gives the community a share in transactions and donations which will incentivise others to join. Rather than paying a few shopping mall hagglers, we give back to the community.

Our roadmap entails an NFT platform. This will be revolutionary to the Charity framework and the driver to transaction volume and participation by the public. The simple fact is no one cares until they are invested….either financially or emotional and sometime both! But never none.

Our presale is crucial to funding our marketing for the mobile app launch July 1st! This is paid for and finished, we simply need liquidity capital and a marketing budget. The more we can pre sell, the greater chance we have of a better public launch.

Details are as follows:


  1. Go to
  2. Must be using Google Chrome browser with Meta mask
  3. Click “Buy tokens here” link near bottom of page
  4. Follow instructions to send #matic to presale contract
  5. Min. 200 $matic Max. 15,000 #matic
  6. Refresh browser and you will see your $ChaT supply.
  7. Price is 1 matic : 800 Charity Tokens

The presale is currently running June 1-12. There are explainer and demonstration videos available on our YouTube. OR contact us directly from the website via email or phone.

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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