The REAL trap….

It’s a TRAP!

In my opinion, the REAL trap is our mindset and how it keeps us from furthering our knowledge and understanding of society.

We are all the same, biologically speaking. Our psychology is so well understood by big tech and yet so little understood by ourselves.

For example, when we are confronted by an opinion other than our own often it can conflict with what we believe to be “right”. This causes a defensive reaction and our minds close off to anything new in order to “protect” itself.

It keeps us safe but…

This has kept us alive as a species but it also stuns our growth as humans with the collective. If we want to see a better world so desperately, I beleive it starts in each person’s minds… There is one problem, overcoming the barrier of morals and ethics is not an automatic action. One must force ourself to be open and to NOT judge so quickly.


To put this all into context, I would like to discuss the Charity sector and how this very much applies to it and anyone with an opinion regarding it.

As one could imagine, the Charity sector is one full to the roof with conservativeness. But what is being conservative?… I beleive this is the same “barrier” we often see when confronted with a new opinion. Because of the older generations conservativeness, we see this barrier holding back innovation while bottle necking the ENTIRE Charity industry.

The conservative mind

As cash disappears, the sector is failing to adopt more modern measures of fund-raising and logistics. The problem lies within the staff and volunteers of the charity sector with so many “branding” themselves as part of the furniture. How can we see an end to social problems when people rely on the income, the culture to benefit themselves…what would all these Charity staff do if the world’s top two problems were solved? Hungar and poverty…

Charity isn’t often for the cause, it’s for the warm feelings we receive from helping the cause. This in turn can maintain the cause for our own purpose. Think about it….if society TRULY cares about Charity, we could have solved world hunger for 20b, poverty for 100b and so on many times over could we not?…so why haven’t we?

My goals…

I want to take alot of the “middle” out of charity. With technology today, you can fundraise with one person and a social media manager. You just need a place to direct the money for the cause, and a place that is P2P from donator to Charity. This gives the little charities are more equal share of the stage.

This is the whole purpose of Charity Token. Any Charity can have a p2p wallet. We also wanted to make sure we tackled social causes properly, and so we designed the app to include investors to hold digital tokens thus giving value to the commodity. We have finally been able to incentivise people to donate with tokens that hold/move value.


The potential capital that could flow into Charity Token upwards of a trillion dollars per year. The best thing is, the entire network is public and gains instant trust to rebuild the sectors reputation for mishandling public funds.


But let’s come back to the “barrier”. Pitching this idea to most people who work in Charity is hard!! One, it will 100% change the way fundraisers work and most likely see many simply not needed as fundraisers but more as social media managers. Two, the understanding of something like this is LOW. Many fear what they do not know and this is one of those times.

I have been working my butt off doing over 65 hours per week designing, developing and implementing a modernised approach to fund-raising. Unfortunately with the reputation of crypto in tatters at the moment, progress is slow on Charity interest. While investors are chomping at our fleet to buy….


With our second platform arriving in November, we WILL get huge attention from the sector as we completely change how people will deal in Charity. As we tokenize it! But for now foundations must be laid and so we will be releasing our wallet app July 1st.

Well that’s all today from me, I guess to sum all of this us… I’d like to say , approach EVERYTHING with an open mind and really try. You’ll find things won’t be so hard all of the time.

Thank you for reading 📖

Chris ❤


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