The truth about “the great reset”

You feel it, don’t you? Those “old ways” disappearing into the past. A New World Order, as we keep being told. Well what if I told you, the “great reset” isn’t a reset at all. But instead, a long term plan to change the very thoughts of society?

What is happening 😳

When you hear the word “reset”. It sounds as if a button is being pushed and in an instant, things change. This is an ideology that has been placed in our minds from decades of electronic devices using this word. In fact, it’s the reason Klaus Schwab chose this word. To confuse you.

Pushing a button?

Fear is key…

Confusion brings anxiety, fear and irrationality. This is key to pushing an adgenda on a global scale. It literally stops individual ideas and innovation. It ceases critical thinking and a rational mind turns irrational.

A pandemic over…

The pandemic, regardless of where you stand. Has changed societal norms. Many are left with escalating worry and doubt. Almost as if they themselves live in a war ravaged Country when in fact they live in a beautiful quiet neighbourhood, free from crime.


Climates are changing. They have shifted around the globe since the dawn of time. Yet we still believe in 100 years, that we are the problem. While I agree we must be changed our polluting ways for a better future. I will not be blamed for the climate. Electric vehicles were more readily available in the 1800s than now, capitalism and greed by a few is to blame. We just have to drive a petrol car because of them.


The war in Ukraine. The same can be said about the current war. The cultural mindset around war is that it’s necessary. If you don’t have a bigger gun, than you’ll be bullied. This mindset got us to where we are now…when will we learn to see between the theatre of governments? This war is strictly for the currency adgenda. These people in positions of power have masters to please. Everyone has a boss, even the bosses. Because there is always an owner.

Crisis after Crisis…

You will continue to see crisis after crisis until you turn the TV off. Send a direct email or letter to your politician and stop sharing stuff on social media. Your screaming into a pillow, and it’s by design. Yes more people know about it, but does it matter if everyone’s in the same room?

Twitter feeds everywhere!

This is the “great reset”. It’s not instant but a slow grind. It will wear you down and at times scare you. It’s by design, a creation. Read about where we are going and where we have been and only then will you not fear the present.

All that data…

Think about the trillions of gigabytes of data stored on our behaviours. How easy it would be to move us around like a flock of sheep being barked orders at all day. You may think “so what!? They only know what I buy and where I go”. Do you understand how much you can know someone just by going through their garbage? Imagine your entire digital footprint. You behaviours, your habits, what happens when we do this and what happens when we do that.

Social media…

Social media make data collection too easy. You literally give it to the algorithms, they process and store the data. Those files are collated, profiled and categorised for some agency to buy. There is an old saying….”if it’s free, your the product”. Google, free. Facebook, free. Twitter, free etc….

As humans, we chose to take the easy road. We act in a predictable manner and we are made the same way. We may not know ourselves much, but they sure know all about us. Knowing is the way forward. If you want out of that cycle your in, educate yourself.

While we face hard times, you must fight. You must educate yourself and you must be ahead of the game that is the GREAT RESET!

Be strong when others are weak…

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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