War, blockchain and the new Economy

War and Economies exploding

War, it has been the main catalyst for change since man was created.

Everytime a country rages a war at another, we always focus on the left/right paradigms of the event. Rather than looking through the causation and blame to the reason for why they would actually want war in the first place….

Look past the news

While your looking at blaming Russia or Ukraine for the invasion we have nothing to do with. I am watching the new monetary order being delivered and installed. Commodities soaring, sanctions and threats are only the surface level information they have you distracted with.

Stay in tune with the markets

Look past the words to their actions. Russia has been stock pilling gold since 2006 before the financial crisis of 2008. A monetary collapse is about to happen and your being distracted.

We have been sinking

The 2008 global financial crisis was the moment that central banks and government’s realised our “debt based” financial system was finished. The fact banks had to invent a phrase called “quantitative easing” shows you how desperate they were to hide the fact these words translate to “money printing”…

Bail out without enough rafts?

Fun fact. Bitcoin released one year later. Coincidence, I think not

Made for blockchain

At this point you may be wondering what the war in Ukraine has to do with blockchain and money…well. While I am not linked in with global elites and governments. I can see their actions. Their actions scream “don’t trust governments” and don’t trust each other is banging on my prefrontal cortex..

Trust is becoming scarce! If countries don’t trust each other, they won’t trade. Period.


What also is happening is the debasement of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The excessive money supply inflation that has taken place over the last 3 years is enormous. Many believe we can just raise interest rates to counter, but I believe the opposite will happen and here’s why…

Times will get tougher!

The US government has essentially borrowed 150% on its home loan. She isn’t earning like she was due to a shortage on income and damn things are getting expensive like paying police officers and state workers. The bank loaned her this much because of the long time of on time payments to the bank. However, she saves her money from doing overseas deals in her very own currency.


What happens if other countries stop paying for things in her currency? What happens when she can’t save money on oil with her usd deals? What happens to her gross domestic profit when you can’t import to do business to create that profit?

Many questions can be asked however, the answer will always lead to debasement through insolvency. The debt ratio is just too large now. If central banks raise interest rates, which they will because people think this is like the last time. You will see the USA fail to make payments on this debt for the first time since 1972. The reserve status will fumble. Hit after hit will knock America off the mantle. The dollar will have no strength.

No imports?

How can someone including a country make good on debt without income. If banks raise rates, interest payments double very quickly. Triple and quadruple can happen in months. What happens when a country can’t pay its debt? Just read a history book.


Now you could say they will do a million things to counter inflation. But the fact is we have inflation to pay for decades of “kicking the can” coupled with new monetary spending events happening one after the other in the last decade. There is no going back.

When will it pop?

Now for the solution. Governments have worked on cryptography since the 60s on computers. This vision for many has finally become a reality through blockchain. One I don’t believe is an accident.


Blockhain is built for exactly these purposes. The smart contracts within the program are designed to act as the trustless middleman. Double checking both parties involved have met the requirements to conduct the transaction. No more big fees and light fingers.

Token economies are on the rise!

The foundations for this technology are basically laid down. The regulation phase is upon us with governments all around the world discussing the rules around crypto trading and their respective platforms. The larger picture is a technology mergance via tokenization. Through blockchain and Nfts, you can tokenize a unique or numbered product. This creates a digital token representation of the product and ensure ownership of the physical item vs the digital token. No token, no ownership.

This can make create value instantly as long as someone is willing to purchase it. The token then has a base price and starts its trading and price exploration.

Final words

While I could write for hours and hours about the crazy new things we can do with blockhain. I will finish here with these final words.

Hit that button!

What you are seeing right now is a global monetary reset. These apparently happen every 100-150 years and it’s a time when we redesign and implement a more modern payment and money system. This can’t just happen with your permission because they simply wouldn’t get your approval. These changes always happen through war, famine and hard times. I emplore you to follow along as we continue this discussion on another aspect of blockchain.

Thank you for reading 📚

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Chris ❤

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