What is Charity Token?

Charity Token is aiming to be the CURRENCY of Charity. We believe the meaning of ‘charity’ is in some desperate need for renovation, and our decentralized Application can help!

While many still GIVE, a huge increase of people REQUIRING the services of charitable organisations are at all time high! We are seeing the costs of living increase year after year, now to the point many households are living pay check to paycheck or worse.

Charity has always been known for ‘giving’, but it’s time we considered a “give and take” methodology. Until recently, the sector has been unable to reward those who give because it would simply COST too much and defeats the purpose. But now with recent advancements and adoption of blockchain, we can ‘tokenize’ Charity and provide a unique, wide ranging set of features for equality and Charity as a whole.

You give and you take

I am yet to perfect my elevator pitch but I’ll try to explain how….

How it works?

You start by downloading our app from the Apple or Android stores. Sign up and verify to receive an account. You can now fund the account via a bank card via our third party payment integration or a cryptocurrency exchange. You can also purchase using metamask.

So now you have Charity Tokens. You have a few options to choose what you would like to do with them. Donate them to one of our verified and registered Charities, give them to a friend/stranger, try your chance at beginners investing in our staking pool where you can earn between 7-42% PA plus charity.

Charities can also try their skills in growing the amount of tokens they have by staking. You can consider STAKING similar to that of a bank termed deposit, tokens are only locked for 72 hours and rewards are paid according to the amount of TOKENS you deposit rather than the VALUE of your deposit. This creates the investing experience and gives opportunities for low income investors and Charities to profit whole others can wait for a time to claim funds.

It would be irresponsible of use to allow huge deposits from a single person to participate in our staking pool due to the fact we aim to help the ‘little guy’. Deposits equalling $5000usd and below ONLY. This will make more sense as we discuss the next benefit to using our platform…

Equal opportunity

As unfortunate as it is, we often make a decision that only benefits a few and not the many. This is the main reason for our TRANSACTION SPLIT. Every single transaction on our platform will distribute your funds as told below.

1. 85% will be sent to the recipient or Charity

2. 10% will be gifted proportionally to EVERY staking wallet

3. 3% will be deposited into the rewards pool, this ensures a sustainable deflation method for the network

4. 1% will be EQUALLY split amongst ALL wallet holders, regardless of account value. You just need ONE token to receive this gift.

5. 1% will go to us here at Charity Token Pty Ltd, this ensures our growth as a private Company which inturn grows the amount of services such as advertising and marketing for the Charity sector.

All of these percentages CAN be adjusted as will be closely monitored as the platform is adopted and used.

Now for the dreaming…I dream of a World that see the likes of Google, Amazon and McDonald’s holding Charity Token. By them holding and only holding does this allow the rise in price of the Token, thus in turn allowing other to profit and draw down the price in a buy/sell effect. Capitalism has never been available to the Charity Sector until NOW!

Large Charities could share profits with smaller Charities directly, the ultimate P2P transaction with EVERYONE in mind. When you transact, you are helping everyone and the best thing is….we can deliver Charity from hand to mouth!

Transparency is something the Charity sector has very little of. No one I know has any idea how money is distributed through the Charity sector nor how hard it really is to raise funds. We can give ALL SMALL Charitable organisations a WORLD STAGE to receive instant donations!

For fundraisers, you can simply promote your Charity with one, centralised funding account for the whole globe to potentially give to.

We have designed this app from the ground up with Charity in mind. Those who earn and save tokens could potentially be lifted out of their personal financial circumstances quite quickly if many people started to utilise the app.

I will have to do a 4 part series on the functionality, compliance and regulatory aspects we are implementing to stay ahead of new crypto rules. For now, if you have any other queries, please go to our website http://www.charitytoken.online to view our Whitepaper document.

Wait until you see what we have planned for the fund-raising

Thank you for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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