Why Charity Token could replace Cash app

Fees, instant transfers and mobile money is what I think about when hearing CASH APP. But what's so special about it....?

This app is HUGE in low income Countries around the World, why? Because it offers an easy way to transact without a bank. So it makes sense for the unbanked or underbanked to use it. The problem with cash app is it runs on fiat and they dominate this space in the underbanked regions!

As we move into a new monetary order, we find the need to handle cash less significant each day, low income Countries already have little access to banking services so often they don't require the need to handle cash but instead only require a medium of exchange for barter.

This only requires a simple app with a currency that can be transferred cheap and quickly. Cash app have cornered this market and but with the rise of blockchain, I believe Charity Token could be a stiff competitor for the cash app by introducing a more community based platform to transact on.

It's easy to say "yeah, we could do that" , so I want to explain why I believe we can be better at moving money than cash app.

1. The economy is going digital, while cash app will most likely integrate CBDCs. We plan to use defi to provide not only a means of transaction value but a way to GROW WEALTH also. Currently we have 3 currencies which all have different uses. In the future we plan to integrate many more options for users to purchase and transact with.

2. Fees. Cash app charges 1.75% to settle funds faster or wait the few days. We don't! Our fees are currently ZERO but will be moving to less than 1%. Digital currencies mean ALL transactions are settle instantly EVERYTIME. We also have alternatives like "transact to donate" and others.

3. The Charity Token app supports low income Countries. We strive to provide support to low income Countries and in return the people support us! We do this with our database of Charities from all over the World. Our Company finds small #nonprofits and offers them a place on the World stage within the app.

4. The people inside these countries don't need cash on hand...they need fast, cheap ways to exchange and barter. Defi is perfect as it uses mobile networks to move money like data. The only thing that the local economy needs is something of value and a way to exchange it.

5. Our app is SIMPLE! We have built a very easy to understand defi platform. It rewards and incentivizes Charity. Crypto wallets are too hard to understand, keys, seeds and ledgers....well we have removed all of that and gone back to email and 2fa. Single fee sets and easy UI/UX make our app appealing.

6. Cash app can't be used internationally!! This is huge. Fiat transfers are still subjected to local banking infrastructure where digital tokens move like data on mobile networks. Our app can't recognize where you are...it only sees transactions made internally before potentially being off ramped to an exchange.

I do believe cash app will transition over to becoming fully digitized as time continues however they'd be transitioning to OUR side! If we can establish traction within these Countries beforehand, we may just have the edge.

Right now, our mobile app has the ability to transfer funds easily to another wallet but there is still much work to make the competition REAL! This starts with a QR code generator added to the app for transacting in person. Our goal is to make it easy to move money around low income Countries and doing it efficiently and cheap.

The idea of going up against such a large corporation backed by the world's biggest players is intimidating. But, I see a gap that needs filling and if I can cover that also, I WILL!

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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