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Charity can benefit the most from Blockchain

Why we always choose Charity…

Have you ever wondered why we choose Charity? Promotions, give-aways, prizes, raffles and lotteries, no matter what we promote, Charity always becomes a main component.

The truth is, we love helping others. That warm glow, the feeling of completeness in helping a fellow human, nothing feels the same. Marketing professionals also know this and that's the other half to the reason.

But, can the warm glow feeling blind our perspectives to become biased towards "our cause" and what can we do to rebalance ourselves when this happens.

Personally, I'm a humanitarian. I love humanity, all humans and I believe in saving them. Others believe the environment is more important, some animals and others science and so on. So for me, focusing on causes other than humanitarian ones, is difficult. It's not my passion.

Caring about a cause other than your own is probably one thing you never thought about but I'd encourage you to try it. Just 5% of your day, spend it on something or someone you wouldn't normally. Get passionate about change and watch the world unlock for you!

I used to spend my days trying to change my life until one day I realized enough was enough. I saw how little some people had around the world and wanted to help. The feeling I get when helping others is so much more fulfilling and along with it comes my place in the world. It's become my passion and legacy to be left.

I'm not saying you need to go start a Charity haha but give just a little of your day to a cause other than your own and watch your world CHANGE!! This is the reason we choose charity.

Often, I see people that can't help themselves actually helping others and this becomes their battery in life. I've come to believe that the reason a person who can't succeed in their own life helps others is because that's where they feel most useful. There is always someone doing it tougher than you, so in a sense it's easy to feel good about your own life. Most likely masking their own feelings to achieve that warm glow of helping someone less fortunate.

Whatever the reason, if it helps another person, place or animal, is it a bad thing? I say bury your emotions into Charity. Maybe it will heal you, give you direction. At worst, it helps another.

I will be introducing a platform built for fundraising in web3. It's going to be glorious! Something for everyone I hope. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading 📚

Chris ❤

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